The Port Huron Sports Hall of Fame's Scholarship Award recognizes the value of academic and athletic excellence while in high school and encourages students to continue their commitment to athletics and academics while attending St. Clair County Community College.

The award is presented to a Port Huron Area School District graduate who was a varsity athlete in high school and earned a minimum of a 2.5 grade point average. Recipients must participate in a league sport each year while attending SC4 full-time and maintain a C+ or higher GPA. The scholarship may be awarded for up to four semesters. Preference may be given to a student in financial need. For additional information, contact any member of the Board of Directors.

Below is a list of those who have been presented with the Port Huron Sports Hall of Fame's Scholarship Award.

1994-95Kimberly Valdez
1995-96Steven P. Malloy
1996-97Steven P. Malloy
1997-98Joya Setter
1998-99Joya Setter
1999-00Lee Naplin
2000-01Melisa Reynolds
2001-02Jenny Beach
2002-03Daniel Gilbert
2003-04Andy Grant
Adam Hoskins
2004-05Karen Lewis
Katelin Miller
Tracey Vigrass
2005-06Laurie Bachler
Katelin Miller
2006-07Anthony Bowles
Jana Jobbitt
2007-08Jon Ojczyk
2008-09Jon Ojczyk
2009-10Mitchell Fernandez
2010-11No Winner (Athlete did not enroll)
2011-12Mitchell Fernandez
2012-13Lewis Nowakowski
2013-14Josh Feher
Alex Shell
2014-15Sarah Hall
Alex Shell
2015-16Sarah Hall
Nick Vranish
2016-17Brittany Goodwin
Nick Vranish
2018-19Cassidy Koschnitzke
Bryce Reeves
2019-20Jillian Carrier
Bryce Reeves
2020-21No Winner (Covid 19)
2021-22Brooke Snyder
Brandon Zielke
2022-2023Kaylynn Sergent
Cameron Shomburg