The Wildfred C. Molloy Award pays tribute to someone who has contributed to the Port Huron sports environment, not necessarily on the field of friendly competition, but in a manner which deserves special recognition. The award is in tribute to Mr. Molloy, one of the founders of the Port Huron Sports Hall of Fame.

Below is a list of those who have been honored by receiving this award.

1981Andrew J. Murphy
1982Fred McElroy
1983Herbert E. Rosine
1984Robert McCalla
1985Eugene H. Moak
1986Dr. Charles O. Townley
1987Helen David
1988Harry C. Smith
1989Jack S. Campbell
1990Betty & Jack Vargo
1991James R. Leonard
1992London's Farm Dairy, Inc.
1993Louis C. Petho III
1994Thomas Clark
1995James Earl Jones
Lew Secory
1996Al Shady
1997Kevin Zaborney
Jon Howard
1998Pat Hills
1999Charlie Cook
2000Terry Ruff
2001Don & Gayle Nabozney
2002Markus Schulz
2003John F. (Jerry) Brown
2004George Udell
2005Dr. Gary Doss
2006Mark Duncan
2007Bill Harris
2008Tyrone Burrell
2009Ralph Bopra
Bob Crawford
2010Mike Cruickshank
2011Dave Speilburg
2012Salvation Army Youth Basketball Program
2013Dr. Alexander Ruthven
2014Virginia “Ginny” Irland
2015Miles "Mike" Benedict
2016Judge David Nicholson
2017Tyrone Burrell
2018 Paul Jones Sr.
2019 Darlene Peterson
2020 No Banquet (Covid 19)
2021 Linda Taylor
2022 John Bacheller
2023Joe Szczepkowski