1925 Port Huron High School Football Team

There are good teams and there are great teams.  And there are teams that never die.

The immortals live on at sports desks, barber shops and taverns, alive in debate, discussion and admiration.

The Yankees of Ruth and Gehrig, the Montreal Canadians of Richard, the Celtics of Russell and Lombard’s Packers.

The 1925, Port Huron High School fielded a football team that was undefeated, untied and unscored upon – the first time ever for a Michigan Class A team.

The 1925 Big Red’s had a spectacular offense, led by outstanding fullback Cecil Turner.  They scored 213 points in 10 games to their opponents 0.

The strong point of the team, however was the defense.  In several games the opposing team never made one first down.

Picture Info:
Top Left:  Russell Johnson                                  Top Right:  Russell Sawyer
Front Row L-R:  Carl Steinborn, Albert O’Dell, Neil Marshall, Raymond Hupert – Captain, Richard Mugavero, Russell Simmons, Clifford Bascomb, Carl Christensen, Alvin Hill    Back Row L-R:  Theodore Howard, Wilson Montgomery, Walter Lindsay, Leo Draveling, Harold Cataline, Cecil Turner, Vernon Monzo, Marshall Woods, Wilfrid Molloy   Balance of Squad:  Jack Brothwell, Carl Rands, John Doug, Arwed Cox, Dean Davis, Arthur Schell, M. Duffy, A. Maxon, P. Maxon, A. McAllister, Lloyd Morrison, Percy Clark, Fredrick Hill