1971 Star Oilers Squirt Travel Hockey Team

Year Inducted: 2005

The 1971 Star Oilers Team was the first team, from Port Huron, to win a Silver Stick Championship.   Then more so than today that was emblematic of being, for that tournament, in your age bracket, the best team in North America.  Superbly led by Coach Rich McDonald, the Oilers captured the coveted Silver Stick by defeating Levack, a team from Canada 3-1.

Later that year the Oilers won the District and Regional Championship of the Michigan State Tournament.  They lost to Salzor’s in the finals, battled back in the losers’ bracket and finished State runner-up after losing again 2-1 in a game that could have gone either way.

Team photo info:
Front Row L-R:  Randy Stapleton, John Nowakowski, Tim VanLuven, Terry Gamble, Nick Bandescu, Dave McDonald  Second Row L-R:  Jon Bargeman, Dave White, Tim Petho, Dan Cleaver, Mike Turney, Dave Moser  Third Row L-R:  Par McGrath, Joel Peattie, Paul Moody, Mike Green  Top Row L-R:  Coaches:  Bill Turney, Rich McDonald, Nick Bandescu  Special Recognit