1974 Port Huron Diamonds Baseball Team

Year Inducted: 2007

The Port Huron Diamonds played in the Blue Water Baseball Circuit, a league for boys, ages 16-19. The league consisted of ten teams, primarily from the Port Huron and Sarnia area.

In 1974 the Diamonds had a record of 35-5 and were regular season and playoff champions. They were undefeated winners of the Sarnia International Gold Bat Juvenile Baseball Tournament (16 teams). The Diamonds were the only U.S. baseball team invited to the eight team Canadian Burlington Baseball Association Tournament in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada defeating Windsor, Ontario 5-4 with the winning run being scored in the ninth inning.

The team was managed by John F. “Jerry” Brown, with coaches Al Davis, Dave Winfield and Jimmy Johnson.

The players were: Mark Borowski, Mark Bolleart, Jeff Brown, Dave Dusellier, Denny Dwyer, Steve Gates, Wayne Gottleber, Tom Grace, Pat Hunt, Bryan Johnson, Brad Keller, Fred Mitchell, Denny VanConant, Bob Walker and Bruce Webb.

FIRST ROW: Team Manager John F. “Jerry” Brown, Steve Gates, Bruce Webb, Dave Dusellier, Mark Borowski, and Bat Boy Mike Green.
SECOND ROW: Brad Keller, Bryan Johnson, Pat Hunt, Mark Bolleart, Tom Grace, Bob Wacker and Coach, Dave Winfield.
THIRD ROW: Head Coach Al Davis, Denny VanConant, Denny Dwyer, Fred Mitchell, Wayne Gottleber, Jeff Brown and Coach Jimmy Johnson.