1977-83 Stringers Softball Team

Year Inducted: 2023

The Stringers were among the best women's softball teams to ever play in Port Huron and the State of Michigan. The team played from 1977-1983 and during that time, they won four (4)
Michigan Class A State Championships: 1977, 1979, 1980, and 1983. Their overall record was 213-14.

The Stringers were a formidable team that competed when women's softball competition was at its peak. The team won state championships in modified and slow pitch and during the state championship years, the team went undefeated in tournament play. Their success attracted the most talented players in the area who wanted a chance to compete at the state and national level. In addition to talent, the team had a reputation for outstanding sportsmanship. In the words of Terry Ruff, MSA District 14 Commissioner,"… the Stringers were a class act."

In the Port Huron Competitive Sports Association, the Stringers won six (6) consecutive league championships with a record of 120-2 with their longest winning streak being 87 consecutive games.

As a result of winning the Michigan Class A State Championship, the Stringers competed in the USA Softball National Class A Tournament three (3) times – 1979, 1980 and 1983. In 1979 and 1983, they finished 19th and 23rd respectively in the Nation.

A total of 30 ladies played for the Stringers from 1977-1983 with six (6) of the ladies playing on the team for all six years.

The 1983 team, pictured above, was considered to be the most talented and successful of the Stringer teams. The team was co-managed by Milt Stringer, Sr. and Carol DeLacy. Players
were Judy Ledsworth (Barrett), Marie Belkiewicz, Carol DeLacy, Doreen Grote, Tina Hanze (Broski), Beth Hicks (Redford), Debbie Ledford (Rabidue), Nancy Morrison (Moegle), Nancy
Neaton (Pfeifer), Lynne O'Dell, Linda Penzien, Helene Schultz (Pillsbury), Robin Steward (Sims) and Marcia Welser (Hawes). Other outstanding Stringer players who were not a part of the 1983 team but were also selected for induction into the Hall of Fame include: Terri Davey (Harrison), Nancy Fedorinchik and Lisa Marcero.

Other women who contributed to the team's success but did not play on the 1983 include: Patti Benoit, Nancy DeNardin, Sue DeNardin (Hrisca), Lynn Forbes, Rene Fretenbrough (Heitoff), Marsha Grant, Lisa Juzysta, Lynda Johnson, Laurie Nolan, Yvonne Osgood, Terri Solden and Susan Wine. Milt and Thelma Stringer of Stringers Shoes were the team's incredible sponsors. Their passion for softball was the team's heart.