1978-1997 Nabozney's Women's Softball Team

Year Inducted: 1979

The present Nabozney’s Team started forming in 1978.  During that time, they had a couple of sponsors before Nabozneys took over the sponsorship in 1988.  The team’s name was Edson & Sheldon Legal Eagles and the Beverage Shop.  Although the team name changed, the heart of the team did not.  Two of the ladies on this team have played softball for this team for twenty years.  Eight ladies have played together for twelve year.

Between the years of 1978 and 1997, the Nabozney team has posted a record of 401 wins and only 19 losses in the Port Huron competitive Softball Association, Women’s Slowpitch.  Since 1988 when Nabozneys took over the sponsorship, the team has won seven league titles.  Six of these years they were undefeated!  In 1987 they won the state title.

The team has not placed lower than 4th in state competition since 1986.  In National Competition, Nabozney’s has placed between 6th and 9th several times.

The team consists of Wendy Stroh, Dar Knowles, both players/managers, Tori Davis, Kerry Beedon, Sharon Hall, Pepper Morris, Tina Budzik, Marie Belkiewicz, Ann Nichols, Ginger Lloyd, Tracy Kavanagh, Stacey Robb, Kelly Nichols, Jessica Gourtay and Kristie Berry.

These players also contributed to the success of the team:  Jill Gilbert, Kim Green and Tracy Kern.