David Forstner - Powerlifting

Year Inducted: 2015

David P. Forstner, a 1989 Port Huron High School graduate, began his powerlifting career in 1990.

Since then, Forstner has set 26 state records and seven world records in powerlifting. He has benched 760 pounds, dead lifted over 749 pounds and squatted 925 pounds.

Forstner's accomplishments over the years occurred without the use of steroids.

Forstner was the first lifter in the World Association of Benchers and Deadlifters Federation (WABDL) to lift over 700 pounds in both the bench press and dead lift. In 2014 he was inducted into the WABDL Hall of Fame.

In 2015, Powerlifting Watch, a comprehensive online power lifting ranking website, had Forstner ranked No. 1 in the dead lift and No. 8 in the bench press for his age and weight class.