Donald Houser

Year Inducted: 1983

Don Houser was born on March 31, 1912.  Don’s athletic career dated back to 1927 when, at Rochester High School, he starred in four sports.  He was a football halfback, pitched and played first base on the baseball team, was a basketball forward and ran the mile on the track team.

Don transferred to St. Rose in 1929 where he continued his athletic career engaging in four sports and helped St. Rose win the Detroit Parochial Basketball Championship in 1930.  After leaving St. Rose, Don won his letter in both basketball and football at the University of Detroit.

Don gave boxing a whirl in 1931 and 1932 where he boxed both as an amateur and professional in and around Detroit.

In 1933 and 1934, Don played baseball with Huntington in the Mid-Atlantic League, a Class A semi-pro baseball team.  In Detroit semi-pro circles he played baseball with Grennans Bakery and East Jefferson Merchants, both Class A organizations.

Don came to Mueller Brass in Port Huron in February, 1935.  Since that time he has been very active in athletics.  In 1935-‘36-‘37.  Don played with Harry Crakes’ semi-pro football team, and baseball with the Port Huron Cardinals, Grand Trunk, Vans Shirts, and the St. Clair team.  For many years, Don was the mainstay of both the Mueller Brass baseball and basketball teams in the Industrial League.

In 1944, Don was named to the All-Time Mueller Brass team as a right fielder by Harold Ashley, a Port Huron Sports Hall of Famer.  Don was instrumental in promoting Mueller Inter-Plant Athletics.  He served as recreation fund chairman at Mueller Brass for many years.  It was through his efforts that modified softball in Port Huron got its start.

Don continued to play softball into his fifties.  He played better than average golf and bowled for Mueller Brass in the Industrial League – always averaging in the high 170’s – low 180’s.

Don retired in 1976 from Mueller Brass and is now seen on the area’s golf courses four or five days a week.