Dr. & Mrs. Charles (Frances) Schwab

Year Inducted: 1985

Countless Blue Water Area swimmers owe their start, and progress, as swimmers to Chuck and Frances Schwab.  They constructed a competition-size pool onto their Military Street home and made it available to hundreds of young swimmers under the eye of skilled and talented instructors.  They transported their most outstanding young natators to meets in Ontario, Michigan and Florida.

Dr. Schwab treated hundreds of injured high school athletes in his chiropractic clinic at little or no cost to them or the schools.  He acted as team physician, at home and away games, for both St. Stephen and Port Huron Catholic High Schools.  He formed, and was the leader of, the first Boat and Helicopter Safety Crew for unlimited power boat racing in St. Clair in 1956.

The Schwabs have been dedicated scuba divers and power boaters, participating not only in the active enjoyment of both recreations, but also in the instruction of safety and codes-of-conduct in water recreation.

The parents of six children, Chuck and Frances have shared their family fun with the neighborhood, their community, and their country.