Ernest E. Cocco

Year Inducted: 1983

The Port Huron Sports Hall of Fame was formed to “immortalize and enshrine the people who helped to make Port Huron sports conscious”.  No one has done a better job of making our city aware of sports than Ernie Cocco.  As sponsor of countless bowling, softball, basketball and hockey teams, Ernie and his Zebra Bar and Bowl-O-Drome have made it possible for hundreds of people, old and young, boys and girls, men and women, to participate in competitive sports.

Ernie captained the football team his senior year at St. Stephen High School, but his personal athletic feats have been over-shadowed by his generosity in making it possible for others to play.

He has helped college students finance their education.   He has organized and taught bowling at St. Clair County Community College.   He has employed students at his place of business.

A veteran of WWII, Ernie attended PHJC after the war and then went on to the University of Detroit.  Prior to buying the Bowl-O-Drome some 20 years ago, he was in the produce business with his father, Aldo “Pop” Cocco.  His brother, Dom, helps him run the establishment.

Ernie sponsors anywhere from 10 to 15 bowling teams a season.  In addition to the bowling, he also has two men’s recreational basketball teams and a squad in the Senior Men’s Hockey League.

In the summer, Ernie supports numerous softball and baseball teams at all age levels.  He had four men’s softball teams and two women’s squads this year.  He has also been a big financial booster of the Little League Program.