Everen "Wimp" Badley

Year Inducted: 2010

An outstanding athlete in softball and golf, Everen preferred that his children remember him for teaching them that, “through determination and tenacity, you can win over any odds.”

After serving in the U.S. Navy, Everen took a job at Prestolite and joined the Industrial Softball League. Drafted by Mueller Brass in his first season, he batted .460, playing second base.

In 1956, “Wimp” was asked to join the legendary Shoffner’s Softball Team, joining future Hall of Fame teammates Lysle Smith, Jerry Barr, and Ed Urban. In 1959, Shoffners won the Class B State Championship, setting the stage for their success in 1960, where they would attain a record of 62-2.

In their drive to attain the Class “AA” State Championship, Shoffners would have to win 3 straight games on Sunday, the final day of the championship. In extra innings of the first game, Everen singled and scored on a sacrifice fly. Shoffners went on to win the next two games against the same team that had beaten them earlier in the tournament in 100 degree temperatures. Everen continued to play for Shoffners until the team agreed to disband.

“Wimp” had the privilege of playing against the renowned “King and his Court,” becoming the only player to get a hit against the “King”.

Years later, Everen would take up the game of golf, and in one of his first tournaments, became Club Champion at Belvedere Golf Club. In 1974, as one of the original members of the Elks, Everen would win the Club Championship.

In spite of a back injury in 1978, Everen would team up with Ross Bailey to win the first Elks Invitational in 1981.

Following a massive heart attack in 1982, and a battle with cancer, Everen at age 61, once again won the Elks Club Championship in 1986. Battling cancer again in 1987 didn’t keep Everen off the links. At age 70, he competed with a remarkable 10 handicap. As an accomplished golfer, “Wimp” has won over 100 trophies and prizes. “Wimp” as he preferred to be called, raised 3 children with his wife, Alice in Port Huron.