Fred A. "Punk" Lamlein

Year Inducted: 1977

Fred Lamlein was one of the great sports figures of Port Huron.  The State and the nation.  He was a pitcher for the Chicago White Sox and the St. Louis Cardinals prior to World War I and later served as a big league scout for the Milwaukee Braves during the 1950’s.

He was active in the promotion of youth activities in the United States and Canada and a key organizer in local area and Michigan projects.  In 1930 he formed the Old Time Baseball Player’s Association and was it’s first President – he organized the hockey program in Port Huron and was the first President of the Minor Hockey Association – he was President of the International Silver Stick Hockey Association, Western Division, and founder of Silver Stick Hockey.  He was a member of the Michigan Amateur Hockey Executive Committee.   Fred was the prime organizer of Little League baseball, American Legion baseball and the driving force behind Pee Wee and Bantam hockey in Port Huron.

The Fred A. Lamlein trophy – The Pee Wee Stanley Cup – was established by The Port Huron and Thumb District old Time Baseball Players association.

He was the idol of the kids – he instilled in them the qualities of team-play, honesty and a will to go forward and do their best.

Upon his retirement he was honored by the Port Huron City Commission and the State of Michigan with a Testimonial Banquet billed as a “Date of Recognition”.