Harold "Hal" Ashley

Year Inducted: 1981

Harold was born in Port Huron, Michigan, and lived his entire life here.  He attended Port Huron High School and became widely known as a very successful softball manager covering a period of some 31 years.  He began playing softball as a first baseman in the Church league in 1922.  He played for the Hoot Man's Softball Team sponsored by Charles Hanton, the shoe repair man, located at Seventh and Water Street.  A knee injury, suffered while playing softball, forced him to retire following surgery in 1935.

Hal started his managerial debut in 1928 with the Strand Recreation Team sponsored by Bill Litz.  In 1929 this team established a record of 62 wins and 2 losses, a feat that was unheard of at that time.  They took on all comers in the State and Canada.  The losses were to London, Ontario, and Pontiac, Michigan.  It was the era of the outseam ball, with only the catcher wearing a glove.  He managed 12 years in the City League with such clubs as Strand Recreation, Detroit Times, Sellers News, Port Huron Paint, Mattingly Hospital, Spike Furniture, Shell Gas and Hoevels Beverage Store.  Hal captured 4 City League Championships.

He began working at Mueller’s in 1940 and immediately began managing their Industrial League entry, bringing home a winner on 5 different occasions as Industrial League Champions.  The 1945 team didn’t loose a game in local competition and dropped the State Class “A” Championship in the Finals.

After the Industrial League folded in 1948 he directed the Mueller team in the Class “A” City League until 1959.

He played hardball around this area until his injury in 1935.  Hal played on several different teams.

He was a member of the Grand Trunk Basketball team for 5 years in the Industrial League.

He was also an ardent bowler, a member of various teams in the city.