Jo Ann Ploeger - Cheerleading, Basketball - Leader, Fitness Advocate, Teacher

Year Inducted: 1994

Jo Ann has been a life long physical fitness advocate.  She was a member of her high school cheerleading squad and basketball team.  At the Bluewater YMCA she developed nutrition and weight management programs, developed a national council of experts in nutrition, physiology and behavior techniques to evaluate these programs.  She has taught over two hundred and fifty seminars in the U.S. and Canada, was a member of the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and President’s Council on Fitness in Business and Industry.  Jo Ann has also spoken at national conventions, published five books and two monthly newsletters.

As Executive Director of the local Bluewater YMCA she provided leadership, vitality and innovation programs to make the organization highly successful and financially sound.  Her efforts brought honor and distinction to Port Huron.  She also served as Executive Director of the City of Port Huron Recreation Department and the program was recognized as one of the finest in Michigan.