Mike McDougal

Year Inducted: 1989

Mike was born April 30, 1958 in Port Huron and began playing organized hockey at the age of seven, soon excelling at the game.  The “Star Oilers” placed second in the Michigan State Finals the first year Mike was with the team (1967-68).  He was on the first Port Huron Team to win the Silver Stick Pee-Wee “AA” Division Title (1970-71), winning the MVP Award.  That year he also won All-Star Team and Best Lineman Awards at the St. Louis Pee-Wee Tournament.

The McDougals were active boaters and water skiers and father George relates that Mike was good on skiis and was determined to succeed at whatever the undertaking.  He was a good golfer and played on the high school golf team for two years.  Mike was scouted by the Montréal Canadians and when the opportunity came in 1974, he left Central High School (10th grade) and signed with the Montreal Juniors, entering a private high school in Montreal to complete his education.

Returning home in 1976 to play for the Port Huron Flags, Mike became the first 18 year old to play in the International Hockey League.  He also skated for the U.S.A. National Junior team in Czechoslovakia that year and was the team’s high point man.

From 1978 thru 1984, Mike played for the National Hockey League New York Rangers and Hartford Whalers and their New Haven and Binghamton farm teams, respectively.  The New Haven Nighthawks were league champions in 1978-79 and 1979-80 with Mike skating for them.

Mike retired from professional hockey in 1984 and returned to Port Huron where he is content to play for the Brass Rail team in the Senior Men’s League, winning Play-Off Championships in 1985-86 and 1987-88.

Mike is employed with Wiselow Commercial.   He and his wife, Pam, have two children, daughter Lindsey 6 and son Robert 1 year.