Pricilla 'Peg' Redmond - Golf, Bowling - Leader

Year Inducted: 1995

Peg has been one of Port Huron’s top women golfers for the last 45 years. She is a member of the Black River Country Club where she held many offices in the Ladies Association. Peg always played in the Bluewater Ladies Tournament and was a member of the Black River Ladies Team in their competition between other clubs. She was the runner-up in the Black River Ladies Championship at least once.

Peg was Club Champion at the Elks Club several times. She held various offices in the Elks Ladies 18 hole golf league. She helped to organize the Elks Ladies Invitational Golf Tournament which is held each year.

Peg is past chairman of the “BABE” Cancer Tournament. She worked many years at the State level for the “BABE” which is held at Boyne Highlands.

Peg has been a member of the Port Huron Women’s Bowling Association for more than 45 years and served as a Board of Director for 4 years. Peg has been Secretary or President of the Black River Ladies League for at least 25 years. She also helped to form the Elks Ladies League of which she held an office.

Through her years of competition, Peg bowled a high 275 game and many 600 series. She has participated in the Michigan State Tournament, the Women’s International Bowling Congress Championship Tournaments, and the Elks State Tournament. In 1994, Peg was elected Secretary of the Year.

Peg stays very busy doing volunteer work for her church, the cancer society (local and state levels) and also the Michigan Heart Society.

Peg is a terrific person and a true sport and is a real asset to the game of sports, not only as a top achiever but as a person.