William Barringer - Trapshooting

Year Inducted: 1995

William Barringer’s Trapshooting Career spanned over thirty years. During those years he received numerous awards and was awarded many Championships.

Mr. Barringer was President of the Blue Water Sportsman’s Association in Port Huron and had been active with the local trap club since 1947. He was a charter member of the Michigan Trapshooting Association (MTA) headquartered in Mason, Michigan. And he was a Vice President and Director of the state Trapshooting Organization. He began Trapshooting in 1955, at the age of 31. In 1958, he shot his first registered targets. At the end of 1988, he had fired a total of 123,025 singles.

His first milestone achievement came in 1965, when he broke 100 straight targets at the ATA Grand American. In 1968, he shot 200 straight targets for the first time at the Ohio Trapshooting Championship.

In 1976, he broke 100 out of 100 doubles (two clay pigeons), to become the seventh person in Michigan history to record the perfect score. Mr. Barringer was one of Michigan’s 10 Top Shooters and a member of the MTA All-State Trapshooting Team for over 20 years.

He competed in Class AA, the top of the five shooting classes. He also was a 27 yard handicap trapshooter; the maximum handicap imposed on a shooter. Only two percent of all shooters stand on the 27-yard line.

Mr. Barringer was an avid hunter and fisherman. He was a member of many sporting organizations and local and community-service groups. He had a fine gun collection and owned Delta Arms Company in Port Huron, dealing with custom-made and stock trap guns.

William Barringer was posthumously inducted into the Michigan Trapshooting Association Hall of Fame in July of 1994.